About me

CFoster thumbnail60x60My name is Charles Foster and I live in Dublin. I have worked as a writer, editor and designer for many years. This started at school, where we had a treadle-operated printing press and then later an electric Heidelberg, and I learnt how to handle metal type in a compositing stick. Over the decades since I have cut up repro with scalpels, rubbed down letters from Letraset, learnt desktop publishing using the first generation of Aldus PageMaker and taught several generations of students in three different educational institutions. I have written three books and am working on a fourth. I also write and edit the only regular blog about the Dambusters.

In the 1970s, my boss was Tim Wilkinson, then the production director of the book publisher, The Folio Society. He was a talented typographer with firm views of what was correct and what was not. I learnt a lot from him and I’m still grateful for the licence he gave me, an enthusiastic but inexperienced beginner. His own design preferences were restrained and austere, but commercial pressures from other directors and the society’s members often pushed him into taking a more gaudy approach. When you then showed him a proof or a piece of artwork there would be a slight sigh and a shake of the head: ‘Plenty of taste, and all of it bad’.

If you want to make contact, here’s my email address.



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