Born on the same day

7 July IMG_3715 800px

One of my little obsessions is checking the Birthdays list in The Guardian every morning for people born on the same day. It’s the odd juxtaposition of names that I particularly love. In my game, you get points for any pair. Double points are awarded for two pairs born on the same day in different years, and treble points for three pairs. Yesterday, 7 July, was a treble point day. Shelley Duvall and Bob Stewart, born on 7 July 1949. Tony Jacklin, Glenys Kinnock and Professor Sir Ian Wilmut, born on 7 July 1944. And best coincidence of all, Michael Howard and Bill Oddie, born on 7 July 1941. Such a shame that, according to Wikipedia, there is no one to pair up with Ringo Starr, still rocking at 81, and born on 7 July 1940. 

Here are some other interesting recent coincidences from the last few weeks:

6 July IMG_3713 800px

George W Bush and Sylvester Stallone, born 6 July 1946.

28 June IMG_3692 800px

Fabien Barthez and Elon Musk, born 28 June 1971.

22 June IMG_3688 800px

Brian Leveson, Meryl Streep and Elizabeth Warren, born 22 June 1949.

21 June IMG_3682 800px

Kate Hoey, Malcolm Rifkind and Maurice Saatchi, born 21 June 1946.