Every night I sit here by my window

Bobby Darin Things
Every night I sit here by my window (window)
Staring at the lonely avenue (avenue)
Watching lovers holdin’ hands
And laughin’ (ha ha ha)
Thinkin’ ’bout the things we used to do
(Thinkin’ ’bout things)
Like a walk in the park (things)
Like a kiss in the dark (things)
Like a sailboat ride (ya ya)
What about the night we cried
Things like a lover’s vow
Things that we don’t do now
Thinkin’ ’bout the things we used to do

Things by Bobby Darin

Things magazine is a blog which harks back to the original idea of blogging – a concise, erudite guide to material on the interwebnet which the writer has come across, and which he or she thinks might be interesting to other people.
It describes itself as a blog about objects, collections and discoveries. It started as a magazine in 1994 produced by a group of writers and historians based at the Victoria & Albert Museum/Royal College of Art. It then became an independent magazine, separate from these institutions, a biannual home for new writing – essays, reviews, short stories and poems – about objects and their meanings and then evolved in 2001 into a regular blog.
Recent entries have included links to articles about The Classical Organ in Britain 1955-1974, 70s interiors rendered in vivid colour, pictures of abandoned UK railways, a restored modernist gem in Hayling Island, the art, design and story of Kentucky Route Zero and, last but by no means least, the secret, library-based apartments of New York.
The magazine will itself no longer be published in print (sigh), but should continue as a PDF.
Nowadays it often seems that our online spaces have been taken over by the cacophony and illiteracy of social media. Like the Guardian and Radio 4, Things magazine is a corner of the mad, mad world where a calm and witty approach to life still prevails.