Bob Dylan at 80


Rock and pop stars older than Bob Dylan

Judy Collins b. 1 May 1939
Dion DiMucci b. 18 July 1939
Smokey Robinson b. 19 February 1940
Billy Fury b. 17 April 1940 d. 28 January 1983
Tom Jones b. 7 June 1940
Adam Faith b. 23 June 1940 d. 8 March 2003
Ringo Starr b. 7 July 1940
John Lennon b. 9 October 1940 d. 8 December 1980
Cliff Richard b. 14 October 1940
Joan Baez b. 9 January 1941

Bob Dylan b. 24 May 1941

Rock and pop stars younger than Bob Dylan

Charlie Watts b. 2 June 1941
Cass Elliot b. 19 September 1941 d. 29 July 1974
Paul Simon b. 13 October 1941
Carole King b. 9 February 1942
Aretha Franklin b. 25 March 1942 d. 16 August 2018
Paul McCartney b. 18 June 1942
Jimi Hendrix b. 27 November 1942 d. 18 September 1970
Janis Joplin b. 19 January 1943 d. 4 October 1970
George Harrison b. 25 February 1943 d. 29 November 2001
Bobby Vee b. 30 April 1943 d. 24 October 2016
Mick Jagger b. 26 July 1943


The curse of automatic hyphenation (part 3642)

Sportswashing IMG_3617 960pxAnother good demonstration in today’s Guardian of why sub-editors are still needed. “Sportswashing” is a great word describing an important concept in today’s fast changing world. However, the H&J algorithm in the newspaper’s typesetting program obviously can’t cope with it, and has inserted a hyphen after the letter t. It has thereby created the splendid new compound word of “sport-swashing”, evoking the spectacle of a new Olympic role for Errol Flynn, swinging a sword as he climbs a spiral staircase, taking on all-comers as he does so.

I don’t want to be too critical of the newspaper’s sports writers and subs who produce daily miracles in getting reports of football matches which finished at 10pm into a printed paper which arrives at my newsagent by 7am the next day. The whole production staff deserve huge credit and support for this.

But there should still be time for someone to check the text for hyphenation errors, and insert the odd discretionary hyphen or two.

Grumble from the old sub sitting in the corner over.