Type on the street: Westminster/Data 70

Westminster was a typeface designed by Leo Maggs in the 1960s, based on the typeface created for the Westminster Bank for cheque scanning in the early days of optical character recognition. See this article for more about its design. That’s why every single letterform is so different from the rest.
In 1970, Letraset released its own typeface called Data 70 which was ‘closely related’ to Westminster. (That’s the way things worked back then.) Westminster was released by Microsoft in various versions of Windows, such as Windows 98.

Photographed in Anstruther, Fife, on 1 May 2017. The shop was closed.

See Fonts in Use for more examples of Westminster and/or Data 70.


Type on the street: Ondine


Back in 2015, I wrote an obituary of Adrian Frutiger for the Guardian. In it, I mentioned that his typeface Ondine had become oddly popular with the designers of Chinese restaurant menus. Today I spotted this awning over a Moroccan restaurant in Clarendon Street, Dublin.