Are compostable bags really compostable? Part 4

Part 4 of an experiment in home composting.

I am conducting an experiment to see whether The Guardian’s compostable bags do actually degrade in a home compost heap.

I checked up on the heap again on Sunday 1 September, four weeks after the last check and eighteen weeks after I started the experiment. Again, I removed all the material carefully with a spade and trowel, placing it all into a large bin.

The first item I came across was the Happy Pear compostable pouch which I placed in the heap just four weeks before. It hadn’t decomposed much – if at all – as you can see from the picture below:

I didn’t expect to find much progress on this, certainly not after four weeks. The label says it is designed for industrial composting, so I’m not very optimistic that it will breakdown in a domestic situation. But we shall see.

Further down was the remnants of the compostable cup which I had added in July, at Stage 2 of the experiment. This has now further disintegrated further, so I’m pretty confident that this will vanish completely in due course.

Of the clear film bread wrapper left in the heap at the same time, I now found nothing. I can therefore record that this was composted completely within eight weeks.

Finally, I dug right down to the bottom of the heap to see what was left of the initial two compostable bags. These have been further reduced to a few very small scraps of compostable film:

It’s not now possible to tell from which of the two bags the scraps come, which is good news. It seems to me likely that there won’t be anything discernible by the time I next open up the heap, but we will see.

Finally I have decided to add another item to the heap: a compostable coffee cup made by Down2Earth Materials in Cork. (This firm may well have made the earlier cup which I placed into the heap in July, which you can see above. Unfortunately I didn’t keep a note of the manufacturer which is why I’m adding a new cup at this stage.)

Here’s the cup:

And here it is in the heap:

Once again, I’ve put all the part-composted material back, and topped the heap up with plenty of new kitchen vegetable scraps and garden waste. I will take another look sometime in late October.

Part 1, 28 April 2019. 
Part 2, 7 July 2019.
Part 3, 4 August 2019.


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